Household garbage collection

For your bin to be picked up you must:

  • Put them by the roadside before 7am on the day of collection.
  • Make sure it is visible from the road
  • Make sure it is plowed and accessible

The following materials should never end up in the garbage bin. In a non-limiting way, noneligible domestic residual materials are:

  • Electronic, electrical and computer equipment;
  • Branches of trees, shrub and Christmas tree;
  • Grass;
  • Ashes;
  • Materials from construction, demolition or renovation;
  • Dry materials, earth, bricks and stones;
  • Abrasive materials (small stones, gravel);
  • Explosive substances;
  • Hazardous materials, propane gas cylinders, acetylene cylinders, etc.;
  • Metal;
  • Objects whose volume, shape, rigidity or weight could damage the truck's wheel loader or press;
  • Parts or carcasses of animals;
  • Paint, stain, oil, solvent, etc.;
  • Tires and auto parts;
  • Medical rejections (ex: syringe);
  • Cardboard and paper not soiled.

We ask you to thoroughly rinse your recyclable materials before putting them in the blue bins provided.

Only containers, packaging, printed matter and newspapers go into the recycling bin. For more information refer to the Recyc-Québec website.

Septic Systems

Septic systems must be pumped every two years if you are a permanent resident and every four years if you are a cottager. When you have made an appointment with a company to empty your septic system, please contact the municipality, to obtain the form that gives access to the MRC's purification plant between the months of May and October.

Ecocentres : rates, hours of operation and contact information