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Opening of tenders -
Selection of an auditor

Wednesday, February 9th2022

Opening of tenders - 2021-SEAO-1534536
Collection and transportation of domestic waste, bulky items and recyclable materials.

Friday November 5th

Call to tenders # 2021-SEAO-1521009 : collection and transportation of domestic waste, organic materials, recyclable materials, and bulky items
Thursday, September 30th 2021

Les deux vidéos jointes sont pour la même ouverture de l'appel d'offres (la vidéo s'est arrêtée). Vid 1 et vid 2. L'appel d'offre a été ouvert aujourd'hui (jeudi 30 septembre) Call to tenders # 2021-SEAO-1521009 CUEILLETTE ET TRANSPORT DES DÉCHETS DOMESTIQUES, DES MATIÈRES ORGANIQUES, DES MATIÈRES RECYCLABLES, et DES ENCOMBRANT

Snow removal contract and contract for ditching, replacement of two 450 mm culverts and hauling of gravel and stone on Martindale and O'Sullivan roads

Road works on McDonald Road

Road brushcutting contract

Road works on Fieldville & McDonald roads

Purchase of a backoe

Purchase of two pickup trucks

Supply of gasoline, diesel and heating oil

Supply of road abrasives for the winter seasons 2020-2021 and 2021-2022

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