Did you know that in Quebec since 2018 clothes dryers have been the cause of at least 450 fires, i.e. 10% of the fires declared by municipalities?

The majority are caused by excessive lint buildup and poor duct maintenance.

Fortunately, proper maintenance and proper use greatly reduces and helps prevent residential fires caused by this type of appliance.


Improper storage of hot ashes can cause fire
and carbon monoxide poisoning




I had a single car accident on Highway 105 in the heart of Low on May 31. I was fortunate to walk away uninjured. This note is to express my sincere appreciation for the professional service extended to me by your public safety staff, led by Fire Chief Michel Lemieux. I can't thank the other personnel by name who extracted me from my vehicle in the bottom of an eight-foot ditch and assured themselves that I was comfortable and safe. But I want them all to know how much I appreciated their help. Next time through Low I'll try harder to stay on the road.

Slideshow of our firefighters and vehicles

  • Check out this slideshow and get to know our firefighting team and the trucks available to them :
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Our vehicles

This unit serves as a liaison and rapid response as well as a first responder vehicle

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Our boat, a 15 foot with a 25 HP Mercury motor on it, it is the centre piece of our nautical equipment.

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Truck 216, 2010 Spartan Furion / Rosenbauer pumper truck, this truck is at the center of our arsenal. It has a 1050 IGPM pump, a 1500 gallon water tank and a quick responce high pressure system. This truck supplies the hand hoses that firefighters use while battling a blaze. It also carries various types of specialized fire fighting equipement.

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GMC Topkick, 1996 rescue unit that responds to medical calls and as operational support on fire calls.

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Truck 416, 2012 Frightliner M2-106 / Rosenbauer, 1600 gallon tanker, this truck serves as a water shuttle and as a secondary pumper as well as operational support

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