Year 2015
Special Meetings Notices

Special council meetings will be held to discuss about the folowingg matters :

Adoption of 2016 Budget

A meeting will be held on December 15, at Heritage Hall, at 7 p.m., for the adoption of 2016 budget estimnates.

Special Notice about a Council Meeting

Object taken into considertation : minor variance for 7, chemin des Piverts.

Request for minor variance, on October 15th

Property located at 7, chemin des Piverts.

Special council meetings about chemin de la Rive

Meetings held August 17th and 18th : to modify bylaw concerning municipalisation of chemin de la Rive and modify borrowing bylaw.

Council Special Meeting, August 11th

Regarding the CLSC staff cutbacks and potential future closing, opening of a health clinic and Post Office of Venosta.

Closing of the Paugan riverbanks link

Paugan power plant link between riverbanks will be closed several days a week, from August 17th to September 25th.