Proud of our Past and Confident in our Future
Mayor of Low, M. Morris O'Connor.
Photo © Journal La Gatineau, Jean Lacaille.

The Municipality of Low, gateway to the Gatineau Valley for over 160 years, proudly recognizes its Irish heritage. Today, Low is a dynamic community that is a result of the marriage between the Irish and French cultures.

That heritage the marriage of cultures are reflected in the colours that make up our logo and in the design we have chosen for our website. The colour green takes us back to the arrival of the first Irish immigrants and the colour blue signifies the French settlers.

These colours also serve as a reminder that the Municipality of Low is a paradise of fresh air and abundant nature – a naturally friendly and welcoming part of the world.

We have designed our Web site so that it reflects the past of which we are so proud, the vitality that reigns today in our community, and the confidence with which we face our future, a future written with new tools such as those provided to us via the Internet. The Municipality of Low has resolutely taken this road so as to give its citizens a rapid and efficient access to all pertinent municipal information.

Morris O'Connor
Mayor of Low