2016 Budget & Taxes
  • The budget proposed for 2016 is the same as last year at $2,024,079. The numbers featured here include long term debt financing and debt reimbursement.
  • Again this year, council has decided to apply $45,000 from the anticipated 2015 surplus directly against the 2016budget.
  • The mill rate increases by 1% to .70/$100 due to decreased revenues. On a house worth $100,000, the tax bill will be $700.00, an increase of $10.00.
  • The amount of money the municipality will collect from the taxpayer is $1,156,004 as compared to $1,129,966 last year. This represents an increase of $26,038 or 2.3%.
  • Police costs have decreased from $153,659 to $137,845 for 2016.
  • Residential rates for waste management remain the same at $180.73.
  • Residential rates for water remain the same at $318.78, representing a daily cost of $0.87 per residence. Residential rates for septic waste management, including our share of the operations and financing costs of the MRC septic waste treatment plant, remain at $48.34.
  • Employees of the municipality and council members will receive an increase of 2% in salaries and benefits in keeping with the rise in the cost of living as established by Statistics Canada.
  • Our contribution to the MRC increases by 7.8% from $190,603 to $205,399.
Tax payments

Tax payments can now be made four times a year at the office using Interac, cash or cheque. You can also pay your taxes at the Caisse Desjardins counter or online through your own banking institution.

Revenues & Expenses 2016

For a summary of 2016 revenues and expenses forecasts:
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