Mayor's Year-End Report 2014

ln keeping with article 955 and those following of the Municipal Code of Quebec, I am presenting a report on the fiscal situation of the municipality of Low, including the financial statements and the auditor's report for 2013 as weil as an update on the present financial situation. I will also provide a brief report on our plans for 2015.

Financialstatements for the year ending in 2013 and auditor's report

The municipality's auditors,Piché et Lacroix lnc.,submitted their report for the year ending December 31 2013 indicating revenues of $2,209,761 and expenses of $2,177,714 resulting in an total accumulated surplus of $151,171. Council has reserved $80,000 of the municipal contribution for gas tax projects,leaving approximately $50,000 to reserve between now and 2018.

Contracts/purchases over $25,000

Areo-Feu Fire fighter equipment $35,068.21
Hamilton Chevrolet 3/4 ton truck $38,272.20
Jean Legros Snow removal road work $88,381.03
Ronald O'Connor Public works $28 206,83

Financial update to October 31, 2014

Revenues $1,921,020
Expenses $1,498,854

Tax Roll

The summary of the assessment roll indicates a total taxable roll of $163,763,100.

Salaries of elected officiais

The mayor received an annuai salary of $8060 in 2014,in addition to $1200 for meeting expenses. Councillors received an annual salary of $2,600 in addition to $600 for meeting expenses.

Public Works

The municipality purchased a new tandem truck and new diesel 3/4 ton to replace the well-worn 1994 Ford and the 2003 Chevrolet, respectively, for a combined cost of approximately $318,000, to be paid over 5 years.

Staff and contractors carried out road,drainage and foundation works at various locations in the Municipality. Sorne of the paving was made possible through a grant of $36,000 from Ms. Stéphanie Vallée, the Gatineau riding representative in the National Assembly. As anticipated,the 2014-2018 Gas Tax Program was renewed in October 2014 with Low being awarded $638,000 over the next four years. Combined with the municipal contribution of approximately $130,000 the municipality will see an investment of over $750,000 in its road network over four years with work starting in spring 2015.

Fire Safety & Policing

Council adopted bylaw #03-2014 on fire prevention in keeping with its obligations under the Risk Coverage Plan. As a result, the Low Fire Fighters have begun fire prevention visits to verity that smoke detectors are present and working and that chimney flues are cleaned regularly,among other safety checks. ln 2015, council will begin to look at renovating or replacing the fire hall with the assistance of provincial grants.


The municipal water systems delivered good quality water throughout 2014. More than 100 households in Low took advantage of our regional septic waste treatment plant by having their systems pumped in 2014. ln 2015, part of the gas tax will be used to ensure that the water system is safe and conforms with current standards.

Planning & Development

The declared value of permits issued to the end of October in 2014 is up from 2013 ($1,748,892) at $2,309,000 representing an increase of over $560,000 and stable growth in the Municipality.

Recreation,Culture & Library

Council continues to support the municipality's numerous recreation clubs,seniors' groups as weil as the Cultural Association and the arena.

The 2015 budget will be presented at a special meeting planned for 7:00 p.m.,Thursday December 18th at the Heritage Hall,4C d'Amour Road,Low.

I would like to thank our residents for their confidence. I aIso extend my gratitude to members of Council who contribute to managing our ongoing cost pressures and moving our community forward;our staff for their consistent support and professionalism;our volunteers in the Arena Association,Lions Club, the Low Cultural Association and social and recreation groups, without whose efforts this community would be much poorer; as well as our volunteer firefighter team who are proud to serve our community.

GIVEN AT LOW,Province of Quebec,this 13th day of November 2014.

Morris O'Connor, mayor

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