Year 2011 Report

Municipal Finances: The auditor's report for the year ending 31 December 2010 showed a surplus of $167,937. From this surplus, Council appropriated an amount of $66 000 directly to the 2011 budget and reserved other amounts for capital projects. Council approved a budget of $1,840,353 for the year 2011 ($1,741,376 in 2010). Presently, we anticipate a surplus for 2011.

Salaries: The Mayor's salary is $7,594 plus $100 per month for meetings and for councilors it is $2,531 plus $50 per month for meetings. These salaries include cost of living increases.

Roads: Staff and contractors carried out drainage and foundation works at various locations in the municipality. A lot of this work was made possible through a grant of $65,000 from Mrs. Stéphanie Vallée, our provincial Member of the National Assembly. The gas tax program has provided our municipality with the capacity to invest approximately $225,000 in our roads, this past summer. The balance of the work will be completed in 2012-13.

Administration: Employees received a salary increase in line with the Consumer Price Index increase for the pre-vious year.

Fire protection/Police: Firefighters conducted regular practice sessions to maintain skill levels and safety stan-dards, and undertook several community awareness activities. As indicated last year, we added a 2012 pumper/tanker truck to our fleet of emergency vehicles this past summer. It is fully paid for. Our cost for policing services in 2011 was $145,646, an increase of $2,663 over 2010.

Environment: Our municipal water systems delivered good quality water throughout the year. More than 170 households in our municipality took advantage of our regional septic-waste treatment plant by having their systems pumped in 2011. Our partnership in this facility is generating important cost savings for property owners emptying their septic systems.

Planning/Development: The declared value of permits issued to the end of October in 2011 is up from 2010 at $1,341,200, representing stable growth in our municipality.

Recreation/Library: Council continues to support volunteers in our recreation clubs and seniors' organizations. The library continues to be successful.

Contracts: As required by law, a list of contracts awarded by the municipal corporation is available for review in the municipal office during regular working hours.

The 2012 budget will be presented at a special meeting planned for 7:30 p.m., Thursday, December 15th, 2011 at Heritage Hall, 4C, chemin D'Amour, Low. Council welcomes your presence at this meeting.

I would like to thank members of Council who have and will contribute to managing our ongoing cost pressures and moving our community forward; our staff for surpassing our expectations, our volunteers in the Arena Association, Lions Club, and social and recreation groups, without whose efforts this community would be much poorer; and particularly our volunteer firefighter team who are always ready to protect us when the occasion demands it.

GIVEN AT LOW, Province of Quebec, this 15th day of November 2011.

Morris O'Connor, Mayor

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