Stéphanie Vallée, MNA for Gatineau and Minister for Justice, came to Low, Sunday, to announce this important investment.

Announcement of a $ 3.9 million investment

LOW (June 11th, 2017) - Seldom seen at a press conference: more than hundred citizens from the region around Low assisted, under a blazing sun, to an important announcement concerning the future of the St-Michael's High School.

The MNA for Gatineau and Minister of Justice, Stéphanie Vallée, announced an investment of $3.94 million for the construction of new sports and recreation facilities, mainly a gymnasium, an infrastructure St-Michael's did not have yet.

Beyond the figures, which held the attention, it was especially the emotion with which the local speakers reacted and received Mrs. Vallée.

"It is a dream becoming reality", said the principal, Mrs. Debbie Picard, who thanked Mrs. Vallée for her support to this project. "She always supported us and always believed in our marvellous school".

"This commitment by the Government of Quebec will be a catalyst for the revival of the entire Gatineau Valley community", underlined the President of the Western Québec School Board, James Shea.

Why so much of emotion for the construction of a gymnasium?

Four years ago, almost day for day, the citizens of the area of Low fought to preserve their school, threatened of closure. "Nobody among us here this evening believes that you would do a good thing if you decide to close St-Michael", had said Nancy Hall, to the leaders of the Western Québec School Board, on May 30th, 2013. Mrs. Hall won her combat and took the podium yesterday to celebrate this happy event for the community.

It was also with emotion that Mrs. Vallée, surrounded by the representatives of the school, the School Board and the municipality of Low, revealed the investment of her government.

"The survival of St-Michael's has always been a priority for me and today's investment makes it definitively possible for this school to turn towards the future (…) A school must be a place to live, an enjoyable and attractive environment that will inspire students to shape their future.", Mrs. Vallée said.

The MNA for Gatineau, Stéphanie Vallée, surrounded by members of the Western Québec School Board, mayor of Low and students of St-Michael's.

Some of the citizens who came for the announcement ensuring the future of their school.